WHY JESUS | He knows you… BUT doesn’t condemn you! | April 7, 2019


Take a Look Back…
What have you done, that if others knew about it, you would have no friends here?
Does God know about it?
Does He really know about me?


An Outcast of Outcasts | John 4:1-42
If you wanted to make a big impact who would you approach? One with great credibility or one with none?
Jesus knows you… all about you
Jesus reveals Himself to those looking for Him
What was her response?
What should ours be?
When does that responsibility end?


Caught in the Act | John 8:2-11
She was set up, but she was still guilty
The crowd wanted judgment & punishment
The crowd was no better than she
Jesus did not condemn her
Do you think He wants to condemn you?
What did Jesus command her to do?
Does this apply to you?


Jesus Was On MIssion | Luke 19:10 & John 3:17
Jesus seeks out a hated tax collector
Jesus didn’t come to condemn the world


Take a Look Forward…
He knows all about you… that’s why He came
Jesus sacrificed His life for yours!
Now, go tell others all about Him!
No one is an outcast from Him
There are only the lost…
     …whom He wants us to seek… so He can save!


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