The Agagite! | March 10, 2019


“… with fasting and weeping and mourning…” Joel 2:12-14


The Setup (Esther 1 & 2)
Queen Vashti out… Queen Esther in!
Esther remains a Jew in secret
Mordecai saves the King
          but is shown no honor for doing so…

An Age Old Enemy
The Agagite is made 2nd in command | Exodus 17 & 1 Samuel 15
The King commands everyone to honor Haman
Mordecai refuses, because he is a Jew
Haman decides to kill all of the Jews
His proclamation goes out on the Eve of Passover
Israel is in exile because they were not faithful
Will God still be faithful?


Q:  Have you ever wondered if God will bless you when you’ve disobeyed1 John 1:9


But Who Knows?
Great mourning… with fasting and weeping and wailing…
Send Esther to the King!
The Honeymoon is over and that could get me killed!
Will silence save you?!
For such a time as this…
Maybe Joel was right?


Where Was God in All of This?
Fast (and pray) for me for three days…
…even though it is against the law | Acts 4:19
If I perish, I perish | Matthew 16:24-27


Q:  What have you risked for your faith?

Q:  What are you willing to risk?

Q:  Has God promised you a good result… (in this life)?


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