Where Was God?! | March 3, 2019

 Where was God?! | March 3, 2019


One of the oldest books describes Him this way… Job 5:12-16


The Background on Esther
In History… after the Babylonian exile (485-464BC)
Location… in the capital of the Persian Empire (see map)
Overview of the plot… (chapters 1 & 2 are the setup)


A Queen Rejected
There is a great feast
Queen Vashti refuses the King’s command
The King is very angry
King Xerxes seeks wise counsel
A position comes open in the Kingdom


A Star is Born!
Hadassah (Hebrew), also known as Esther (Persian)
Hadassah means “Myrtle”, Esther means “Star”
Lovely in form & features (like the queen)
A Jew in secret, she’s winning over the judges
Esther is crowned Queen! Let’s feast!


One Up—Two Down
Esther is still a Jew in secret
Mordecai overhears an assassination plot
The matter is investigated and proven true!
The two officials are hanged from a gallows (hint)
Mordecai’s heroism is recorded in the King’s history books


Where is God in All of This?
Why don’t we ask this question when things are going well?
Sometimes we can’t see Him until we look back
A feast, a lovely queen, disobedience, a lovely “star”, obedience, and a feast
Secrets maintained, secrets revealed, heroes hailed, a hanging, and we’re only getting started…
Where are you in your story?
Are you sure God’s not involved? 


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