Letters From Prison | Here Are Two Examples | October 20, 2019

Letters From Prison | Here Are Two Examples | October 20, 2019

Philippians 2:19-30


Concerned About Misunderstandings      
With the best of intentions, we can sometimes misunderstand each other.
Philippians is a one-sided conversation… for us.
Was Paul concerned about their disappointment?
How would they react before even reading his letter? 

Q: What’s been your biggest misunderstanding?


Timothy is a Great Example for You | 2:19-24
Paul knows they expect to see Timothy
Paul wants to hear a good report, too!
Timothy is staying, but he cares about you deeply!
He’s like a son to me and I need him
I’ll send him as soon as I can
And I’ll be seeing you soon, too! 

Q: Do we “read things in” sometimes?


Epaphroditus is a Great Example for You, Too! |  2:25-30
I HAVE to send back Epaphroditus!
He’s like a brother, a worker, a fellow soldier to me
He is as distressed for you as you were for me!
He was ill. He almost died!  He risked his life!
Welcome him with great joy!
Honor him… and relieve my anxiety! 

Q: Can we embrace the unexpected?


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