Staying on Mission Compassion is Required! Sunday | August 4, 2019


A Quick Summary & A Call to Action
He went…
He taught…
He healed… Matthew 8:17
He had compassion…
Why? Their shepherds had failed them…            
The workers are few, but they are enough!
Pray that God sends them…


Q: Do you know this story?

Q: Do you LOVE this story?

Q: Do you know what happens next?


What Now?
We should go… Matthew 28:19
We should teach…
We should HEAL…
     Are you serious?! Yes!!
     It’s His desire! Matthew 10:1; 6-8; 24-25
We should have compassion…
Why? (How would you answer this question?)


The Lord of the Harvest
Who is the Lord of the Harvest?
Who are His workers?
Is He sending you?
Are you sure you are His worker?
What do you think you should do?


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