Staying on Mission | Can I Get a Witness? | August 25th, 2019


These Things Were Written of Long Ago
Jesus told them about this before going to the Cross
The Law of Moses—the “how to” of relating to God
The Prophets—the warnings from God
The Psalms—our worship of God, from the heart
Have you heard of these things?
Can you do them? Perfectly?


It’s God’s Move First…
He opened their minds
Jesus was meant to die and rise again for us
Repentance and forgiveness… preached!
Ambassadors assigned… authority granted
Power from on high


It’s Our Move Now…
Repentance and forgiveness… have you?
Are you a failed Ambassador?
Peter’s failure predicted… and forgiven…
Paul’s persecution seen… and forgiven…
Has our failure been seen… and forgiven?\
God entrusted this ministry to us | 2 Timothy 2:1-7
Seven churches were given another chance
Does God want to give you another chance?
Does God want to give Crossroads another chance?
It’s our move now…


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