Risk, Reward, Reversal, Ruin | March 17, 2019


“He thwarts the plans of the crafty, so that their hands achieve no success…” Job 5:12


Esther: RISKING It ALL… For ALL The Right Reasons
If I perish, I perish…
Fearing the worst, she prepares for the best
Be sincere, not manipulative!


Haman: REWARD!
Blessed beyond belief!
     Wealth, sons, honor from the King…
     He made me 2nd in Command!
     The Queen honored me today!
     And she will again tomorrow!!
     That Jew!  Mordecai!
     “Hang him and be happy, Haman!”


Haman: REVERSAL… of Honor?
“Who would the King rather honor than me?!”
Let’s plan MY parade!
“Go at once… and do so for Mordecai, the Jew!”


Zeresh: RUIN… it’s coming!
Mordecai wouldn’t fall before you, but you will fall before him…
You will surely come to ruin


Where Was God in All of This?
The golden scepter
The King’s desire to bless the Queen
The King’s sleepless night…
Haman hanging out in the court…
Did Esther know what was going on for Haman?
Did Haman know what was going on for Esther?
Did God know what was going on for all of them?
Does God know what’s going on with you?




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