Letters From Prison | You & I… TY | September 29th, 2019 | Philippians 2:1-4


You Can’t Have Unity without… | Philippians 2:1-2
If, in being united with Christ, you have…
     any encouragement
     any comfort from His love
     any fellowship with the Spirit
     any tenderness or compassion
Then, make my joy complete!
     by being like-minded
     having the same love
     being one in spirit
     and purpose


Here’s How! | Philippians 2:3-4
Don’t be selfish or conceited!
Humility? Consider others better!
Yourself? Sure, but don’t forget others!


The “World” Won’t Know What To Make of It
This doesn’t come naturally
But we were called to this! | Philippians 1:29-30
         Q:    How much of this applies to you?
I’ll start with me…
How about you?


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