Letters From Prison – to anxious friends | September 8, 2019


They Went Way Back
Philippi was founded by Philip II…
                         father of Alexander the Great
Augustus Caesar defeated Brutus and Cassius there after they assassinated Julius Caesar
It was a Roman Colony for retired military
Philippi was Paul’s first European church


It Started with a Vision | Acts 16
The Man of Macedonia
Lead to faithful women
Out of poverty… generosity!


But We’re a Little Worried Now…
We heard you were in prison
We sent you a gift with Epaphroditus
Please send us Timothy


Paul Was Worried, Too
How could he encourage them?
They were going to be disappointed
They were losing hope
They were deeply divided
Their focus was on their circumstances
How could he encourage them, while also confronting them in love?
They needed to be like Jesus

Philippians 1:1-11


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