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Letters From Prison| A New Balance Sheet | November 3, 2019

Philippians 3:1-11


Joyful… AND Cautious | Philippians 3:1
Again, Paul tells them to rejoice!
Even while there is danger around them 

Q:         Do we need to be reminded of the same?


Jews Become Gentiles… And the Gentiles? | Philippians 3:2-6
Beware of DOG
     They are evil mutilators of the flesh!
There is a spiritual reversal
We are the circumcision
We worship by the Spirit of God John 4:23
We take no confidence in ourselves
But… Paul could if he wanted to

Q: Do we take too much confidence in ourselves?


A Lesson in Systematic Theology? | Philippians 3:7-11
Not your typical profit / loss sheet
They are worse than rubbish Isaiah 64:6 

Q: Are we relying on these types of things?

Justification—righteousness by faith!
Sanctification—becoming like Him | Philippians 1:29
Glorification—to be raised with Him | Romans 8:17
Joyful assurance, balanced with caution | 1 Corinthians 10:12

Q: Paul imitates Christ… do we?

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