Deliver Hope | Hope for the Foreigner… In God’s Time | December 1, 2019


75 Years Old… Childless | Genesis 11, 12, & 15
Abram responds to a “god” he didn’t know
Abram goes to a place he doesn’t know
Abram is given hope he didn’t have
     God makes a promise
     God makes the promise… again
Abram believes the Lord, but has a question
Abram is told how long this will take


100 Years Old… This is no Laughing Matter | Genesis 17, 18, 21, & 25
This is taking longer than Abram expected
     God restates His promise… and
     Abram becomes Abraham!
Sarah gets blamed, but Abraham laughed first
Isaac’s name reminds them of their reaction
Abraham is tested. A child is offered.
Is there more to come?
Abraham favored Isaac… and so did God


400 Years Later… Hope Arrives! | Genesis 50, Exodus 1-6
Genesis ends with a reminder of the promise
A long time passes with no news from God
Oppression and slavery set in
Then a child is born!


God Still Delivers Hope
Are you still waiting?
These were written so we can have hope! | Romans 15:4
Even though we may go through many trials. | 1Peter 1:3-12


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