Deliver Hope | Hope for the Empty… God Fulfills | December 8, 2019


God, the Ultimate Multitasker          
God is 400 years patient | Genesis 15
Judges doesn’t end well
Israel & Hannah are in deep need
And God delivers hope
Can you see what God is doing?


The Great Gift Exchange
Allow 1,300 weeks for delivery
Product recall in 10-12 years
You give him to me and I’ll give him to you
No strings attached
And God delivers hope
Are you making bargains with God?


God Delivers More Than We Can See
Judges ends with evil priests | 1 Samuel 2:22-26
The boy Samuel, like the boy Jesus? | Luke 2:52
The last judge and the first prophet
Samuel inaugurates the monarchy
Jesus, the King of Kings | Revelation 19:16
Could God be doing more than you can see?


God Still Delivers Hope… and He Fulfills
Hannah is fulfilled by returning empty
Europe was amazed by George Washington
God fulfills Hannah with unrequested children
Are you dictating the terms in which God fulfills you? 


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