Deliver Hope | God Delivers Hope… For the World! | December 22, 2019


Promised Long Ago
The protoevangelium… the 1st Gospel | Genesis 3:15
The Promise to Abraham | Genesis 12:1-3
The Promise to King David | 2 Samuel 7:16
The Promise to Bethlehem | Micah 5:2
Do you need a sign? | Isaiah 7:14


Celebrating the Newborn Baby | Luke 2:1-20
Exact date and location
A small intimate celebration
An angelic announcement
A heavenly choir
Crashing Jesus’ crib!
Spread the word of the joy of Jesus!


The Reason for His Coming
The “world” is not a beautiful place
So God gave us His greatest Gift | John 3:16-21
Jesus was determined to finish well | John 12:27-28a
Mary would be wounded, too | Luke 2:34-35


And Hope Does NOT Disappoint! | Romans 5:1-5
We have peace with God
We rejoice in the hope of the Glory of God
We rejoice in our sufferings
Suffering produces hope
God with us… is now God in us!
God still delivers Hope! Rev 21:1-5


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