Deliver Hope | God Delivers Hope… Believe It or Not! | December 15, 2019


Luke 1:1-80


It’s Finally My Turn | Luke 1:5-10
Last we “heard from God”… | Malachi 1:6-14
Like Eli’s sons, Hophni & Phinehas? | 1 Samuel 2:12-25
Zechariah & Elizabeth were blameless in God’s eyes
1 out of 18,000. Was this luck?
Are you counting good things as “coincidence”?


Long Before “Touched By An Angel” | Luke 1:11-17
He thought he was alone!
Startled and gripped with fear
Your prayers have been heard… and answered
Do you believe God answers prayers?


Long Before “Ripley’s…” | Luke 1:18-22
“How can I be sure of this?”
Here’s your sign… believe it or not!
Zechariah leaves… deaf & dumb?
Do you truly believe when you pray? | James 1:6-8


God Still Delivers Hope… and He Keeps His Promises
God removes disgrace
Family & friends share in the joy
“God has been gracious” = John
What then is this child going to be?!
Obedience, healing, and praise! | Luke 1:76-80
The greatest of all prophets | Luke 7:26-28
Introduces us to his cousin, Jesus
Are we preparing for Him this Christmas? 


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