“When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them…” Matthew 9:36a


All the towns & villages…

  • Jesus was on mission
  • We are on that same mission
  • In Jerusalem
  • In all Judea and Samaria
  • And to the ends of the earth


He had compassion on them…

  • He SAW the crowds
  • They were harassed and helpless
  • Like sheep without a shepherd


There are other sheep…

  • He is the Good Shepherd
  • Not of this pen… what pen?
  • We all, like sheep, have gone astray…


Do we (still) have compassion?

  • Q—What do you feel when you see someone gone astray?
  • Q—How would you define “gone astray”?
  • Q—Do you know any lost sheep?
  • Q—Bad shepherds… have things really changed?
  • Q—Where is our mission field?


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