Apologetics — Origins… (My Thinking on Creation Has Evolved) | February 24, 2019


“In the beginning God created…” Genesis 1:1a


Be Prepared for the Questions…
The Question of Evil
The Question of the Moral Law
The Question of the Reliability of the Bible
The Question of SO Many Religions
          A needed clarification… LOVE!
The Question of Origins!


Know the Positions…
The Bible Position Genesis 1 & 2
The Evolution Position Romans 1:21-23
What do these two positions claim?
          They explain how we got here!


What Form of Literature is Genesis 1?
Poetry with purpose
          There is only ONE God Deuteronomy 6:4
          Day 1—gods of light & darkness
          Day 2—gods of sky & sea, etc…
          Day 6—gods of humanity
                    They were created… by one God!
Poetry and… cosmogony
          “The movement from chaos to cosmos
Not geological or biological or chronological… cosmological
Chaos—Darkness, watery deep, formless earth…

What Can We Know About Creation? What’s Our Answer?
He is the ONLY God… and He’s a God of order
He created everything
And He created YOU in His image & likeness
And He isn’t satisfied with the chaos of this world, but through the Cross He is offering you order… and peace!


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