ACTS—Building Toward the Future | Aelfless Servanthood & Salvation | Acts 8:26-40 | March 22, 2020


Strangers on a Wilderness Road | vv. 26—29
Philip—full of the Spirit & Wisdom
     obedient… and poor?
The Ethiopian—government official & trustworthy!
     wealthy…, a eunuch!… & a God worshiper!

Q: How did Philip respond when prompted by the Holy Spirit?

     How do we typically respond?  How should we?


Start a Conversation | vv. 30—35

Q:  Did Philip know what he would see/hear/say?

Philip listened before he spoke
He found the eunuch receptive
Philip was invited in
The eunuch had questions
Philip was invited in
He shared Jesus right from the Scriptures


Obedience from the Servant & the Saved | vv. 36—40
The eunuch understood that he should be baptized
This appears to be full immersion
The Spirit of the Lord took Philip away 

Q:  Did you notice the Holy Spirit in this short passage?

The eunuch rejoices!
Philip continues preaching! 

Q:  What should we do?


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