ACTS—Building Toward the Future | Salvation is Given… Not Purchased! | Acts 8:9—25 | March 15, 2020


Two Types of “Belief” | vv. 9—13
He boasted that he was someone great!
The people were impressed with his magic
Simon was all about himself
Philip was all about Jesus
The people believed based on what Philip said
What did Simon believe in? 

Q:  What have you placed your faith in?


The Seal of Approval | vv. 14—17
They were already baptized
Was the Holy Spirit late to arrive?
What was the Apostles’ need?
What was the Samaritans’you need? 

Q:  What is our need?


One Type of “Belief” Exposed! | vv. 18—25
Simon tries to buy what is freely given
His heart was not right with God
“Pray for me”?
Power & position do not trump humility


What Does This Mean for Us?
The “news” of what He has done should amaze us.
Go to those you might have avoided in the past
Don’t dictate to God how He should act 

(Preconceived notions aren’t always correct!)


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