ACTS—Building Toward the Future | Resistance… Is To Be Expected! | Acts 6:8—Acts 8:1 | March 1, 2020


Another Court Case Looming… | Acts 6:8-15
Stephen, full of grace and power
They were no match for his wisdom, or the Spirit by whom he spoke!


False Charges Brought Against Him (Sound Familiar?)
Blasphemy against Moses and against the Temple
False witnesses testify against him


Evidence for the Defense (to the 1ST charge) | Acts 7:1-50
Abraham, a foreigner, trusted God
Joseph, Moses, even God rejected by them


Evidence for the Defense (to the 2ND charge)
The tabernacle & temple could not contain God
They turned it into a den of thieves


Two Verdicts—Stephen & the Stiff-Necked | Acts 7:51-8:1
They are guilty, but Stephen is killed
And Saul approved it all


How Does This Apply to Us?
The heart is deceitful… who can understand it?
Some will have hardened hearts and closed ears
Some are still disobeying today
Even Saul began by attacking the Church
But he found himself fighting against God 

Q: Will we obey and seek to make disciples?

     Or will we insist on fighting against God?


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