ACTS—Building Toward the Future | Priorities… Keeping Things Aligned | Acts 6:1—7 | February 23, 2020


A Good Start, but…
Unity | Acts 2:44-47
Encouragement | Acts 4:32-37
Cracks appear | Acts 5:1-11
Division creeps in | Acts 6:1-6


Problems WILL Come… (How will we handle them?)
Favoritism is harmful and ugly
Pursue the solution together
Choose qualified candidates
     Full of the Spirit
          Don’t forget: It all starts with the Holy Spirit!
     Full of Wisdom
Commission them for ministry
Stay focused on your highest priority

Q—What is OUR highest priority?

(hint… L_____ G___, L_____ P_______, M_____ D__________)


Where Do We Go From Here?
Stay focused on our highest priority
Through the Holy Spirit, search out solutions when problems creep in
Keep prayer as a high priority
     Don’t let busyness kill your prayer life
“Ministry” means “service” 

Q—What will the world see if we stay focused?

How did they respond in Acts 6:7?


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