ACTS—Building Toward the Future | Not the Result They Intended | Acts 8:1—8 | March 8, 2020


Great Persecution Broke Out! | v. 1
Stephen was only the first
All except the Apostles. Why?
Scattered throughout Judea & Samaria
What did Jesus predict?


God is Still in Control | vv. 2-3
Some remember to obey God rather than men
But Saul began to destroy the Church
Men and women put in prison 

Q:  What would you do?


Not The Result They Intended | vv. 4-8
They preached wherever they went!
Philip went to a city in Samaria! Why?
The crowds heard and saw and listened!
What did they first hear?
What did they then see?
How did they react?


What Can We Expect?
For those still searching…
     …expect good news and the power of God
For those already saved…
     …expect Him to work through you
          …when you step out in faith

Q: Has “persecution” stopped you?

     Are you ready to get going again?


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