ACTS—Building Toward the Future | If From God… Unstoppable! | Acts 5:12—42 | February 16, 2020


God’s Presence Seen in Power
Miracles, signs, and wonders…
     Jesus explains… | John 10:38; 14:11
Some were timid, others boldly came…
     and believed!
As a result…
     Faith was strengthened!

Q—When you have stepped out in faithhave you seen or felt God’s power?


The Opposition is Ramped Up!
They were sad, you see? (Sadducees)
     and jealous!
They were losing power to those who didn’t…
     think like they did.
They tried to shame them publicly
But Jesus was building His Church

Q—Do you obey when public humiliation could result?


We Told You This Before
We must obey God rather than men
If this is of man, it will fail
If it is from God… Unstoppable!
Obedience will include suffering
But Jesus will prove faithful 

Q—Who will we choose to obey?

God… Or our “innerman”?

He wants to build His Church… through you!


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