ACTS—Building Toward the Future | Genuine Unity… & the Threat of Dishonesty Acts 4:32—5:11 | February 9, 2020


Unity—All In!
One heart… One mind…
What’s yours is mine!
With unity of mission there is power!
There is also encouragement 

Q—Have you been inspired by a unified team effort?


A Cautionary Tale
Guard your heart while doing good
Generosity with deception is despicable
A sin against man is a sin against God
The Holy Spirit is God
God is serious about His mission 

Q—Do you desire the praise of people or of God?


You Will Be Found Out
A darkened heart is self-deceived
God still offers second chances
God is serious about protecting His Church 

Q—Does this scare you?  At least a little?


What Should We Do?
Is this our second chance?
God is serious about the Great Commission
Are we?
It’s going to take unity. Are we all in?
God’s power is waiting to work through us


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