We’d love to have you join us! The worship service is an easy place to begin if you’d like to see who we are. We have a lot of friendly people, and we’re used to people coming to our service, so you shouldn’t feel awkward.

Come as you are. Really! Some people wear suits and some people wear T-shirts. No one is perfect here either, so don’t let where you are in life hold you back. Our services start at 9:30 am. Its about 75 minutes long, which is mostly the message and some songs. (And don’t feel like you have to sing. You don’t.)

Our goal is to have every part of the service compliment the Scripture we are studying; we believe all parts of the service should focus our hearts and minds on the message of the passage so we can be open to God’s leading and teaching in our lives.

Because of this, different aspects of the service will vary from week to week. Some weeks, we will have a balance of responsive worship songs and music; other weeks, we might have more of one or the other.

We strive to arrange many different kinds of songs and activities in whatever way best moves us to respond to God’s call each week. Our time of music reflects today’s culture of music in a variety of styles. We use modern worship songs and hymns, as well as a number of older hymns with new arrangements.